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Outdoor Cleaning Services

Hot Water Jetwashing

Using hot water, high-pressure cleaners can clean even better with the same amount of pressure and lasting a lot longer enhancing the colour and condition of the brickwork and block paving.

We can clean brickwork efficiently and effectively using pressurised hot water. Utilising our specialist shortened hand held lance with temperatures of up to 100oC we can leave brickwork looking clean, maintained and cared for.

Hot water is excellent for removing oil and grease from any surface, floors of a garage, under vehicles, or any greasy problem.

Once the area is cleaned we then resand the joints using a setting sand if required and then to finish the area we use a sealant lacquer to seal and protect.

We supply all our own water by carrying our own tanks & machines have built in generators for heating instant hot water.

PVC Gutter Fascia & Conservatory Cleaning

Whether your gutters are blocked with leaves, gunk or foreign debris, rest assured our cleaning procedures will clean it out. Our cleaning methods are always safe and the end result ensures maximum performance of your gutter system.

Your PVC gutters, fascia's, conservatories & soffits will be restored back to white and returned to its former glory.

All cleaned by hand, no machinery used as jetwashing can break seals & create leaks.

Wet Sandblasting

Wet sandblasting can help protect your property and extend the life of your equipment by eliminating corrosion, rust, mold and mildew.

Wet sandblasting is perfect for building exteriors, interiors, equipment or machined surfaces. On many occasions sand blasting includes professional cleaning, de-painting or de-burring. Sandblasting, or water blasting can be important components of industrial cleaning services, as well as a very effective method of removing graffiti on exterior of buildings. Wet sandblasting service can slow aging and depreciation of your commercial and industrial assets, and improve the appearance of your property and equipment.

Wet sand blasting can remove many different types of materials such as:

  • Paint
  • Rust
  • Grease
  • Graffiti

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